At first, Thanks to Dr. Arshad M. Chowdhury (Program Chair, 4BIW; Dean, School of Engineering & Computer Science, Brac University) and Raihana Shams Islam Antara(Workshop Secretariat, 4BIW; Research Associate, School of Engineering & Computer Science, Brac University), without whom it was impossible to organize the “4th BIRDS International Workshop- Demystifying Satellites”. Words are powerless to express my gratitude to the Volunteers- IEEE Brac University Student Branch, BRAC University Electrical and Electronic Club – BUEEC and Robotics Club of Brac University (ROBU). It was the first time, I played role as a workshop secretariat and my appreciation for all of their efforts to make the 4th BIRDS International Workshop a successful event.

Thank you all

I thank them from the bottom of my heart for never letting me down. I truly appreciate them and the time they spent helping me in as many ways as possible. There were several points where their excellent problem-solving skills and creativity allowed me to swiftly resolve issues that might have easily escalated into roadblocks. They have done excellent work in contributing their talents and skills to the event. The endless hours that they have spent working on this event and the professionalism that they have shown has impressed me a lot. I understand that in the hustle and bustle of the day, I may not show my appreciation as effectively as I might. I know the amount of effort that they put into this event, I am truly grateful for that.

Thank You, everyone.


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